The Ultimate Health and Fitness Decision – Is Cosmetic Surgery Right For Me?

It looks like the world of reality TV has turned to cosmetic surgery – where cosmetic surgeons do television shows, and contestants come in for makeovers and enhancements on their bodies. Occasionally someone will come in who has never really exercised, doesn’t want to start now, and wants to get some liposuction, and I’m sure the audience is laughing and saying; “that lady or gentleman is a whale, they need to go to the gym.”Nevertheless people make different decisions for different reasons, and this is something that cosmetic surgeon has to deal with all the time.An ethical cosmetic surgeon will explain the risks and the benefits, and they will be backed by endless referrals. Not all cosmetic surgeons are created equally, not even the ones on TV. It’s unfortunate that people have such low self-esteem that they feel they have to change and modify their bodies to feel attractive and self-confidence, but we know in our society this is the case. We have folks that become anorexics, and folks that go out of their way to do just about anything to make themselves look better. Is this due to sexual competition in our society?Does it have to do with respect of your fellow man, one of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Perhaps it has to do with all of these things. There are many techniques and procedures that go along with cosmetic surgery. The most common are breast enhancements, breast Reductions, facial plastic surgery, nose jobs, reconstructive therapy and surgery for automobile accidents, liposuction, Laser resurfacing, and you might actually throw in all the dental cosmetic surgery too, as it’s more than common – that Hollywood smile.When we search on the Internet for health and fitness articles, we are bound to come across cosmetic surgery articles. However one could ask what does health and fitness have to do with cosmetic surgery? They aren’t the same, they aren’t even close, but the end – perceptually it is the result – that is what everyone is looking for. Many people engage in health and fitness activities not necessarily for their health, but the way they look once they’ve completed all these exercises. The tight butt, the big biceps, toned legs, the six-pack stomach, and well you know what I’m talking about. Everyone wants to look like that.Of course that takes a lot of work doesn’t it? It’s not easy. And there is the issue of diminishing returns, how much work out can you actually do, how much time you have, and will you ever get there? Then there are issues with the size of breasts, and that nose that you didn’t quite like, the genetic hand-me-downs from your parents. My question to you is it all worth it? Cosmetic surgery is not cheap. And as long as you are thinking about this ultimate decision to modify your body, I ask that you think about it a little more. Please consider all this.